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Liz Gillies & Keke Palmer — Animal Photoshoot

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make me choose jade west or april ludgate (asked by anonymous)

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Favorite People (in no particular order) : [4/?] Liz Gillies

"If you’re passionate about something and stick with it, even if your friends aren’t doing it, it’ll pay off. It can be really rewarding to stick to your guns."

"Ari is… The best friend I ever had! She’s fun and, she’s kinda a idiot person like me! I mean, we’re happy together. Really, really happy. It’s impossible be serious by her side. She makes me happy. I love her, she’s a wonderful girl."


young volcanoes is a brand new city apartment rp set in real-time paris, france - the city of love where reputation means everything.!!!!!!!!!
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When Cat says "A little song called Who Needs Cat" — notice how she puts her fist up to her chin.  That’s Ariana doing her impression of Matt Bennett.  Ariana and Matt are good friends, and she often has fun imitating his style of delivery.  You’ll notice Ariana doing this in various episodes of Victorious, and on Sam & Cat. - Dan Schneider (x)

lizgillies: In living color. [x]

lizgillz: I swear to God I’m really blonde right now.

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